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Lancer (CBS 1968-1970, James Stacy, Wayne Maunder)



Western drama series. In 1870’s California, Murdoch Lancer and his sons Johnny and Scott are determined to keep their ranch out of the hands of land barons. Johnny Scott didn’t initially live with their father, having grown up with different mothers and having vastly different backgrounds, Johnny was handy with a gun whilst Scott was fresh out of college.

Another Lancer was introduced late towards the end of the second and final season in the shape of hillbilly Chad Lancer.

production details
USA | CBS | 51×50 minutes | Broadcast 4 September 1968 – 1970

Creator: Sam Peeples
Theme Music: Jerome Moross
Producers: Sam Wanamaker, Alan A. Armer

JAMES STACY as Johnny Madrid Lancer
WAYNE MAUNDER as Scott Lancer
ANDREW DUGGAN as Murdoch Lancer
ELIZABETH BAUR as Teresa O’Brien
PAUL BRINEGAR as Jelly Hoskins
JOHN BECK as Chad Lancer (1970)