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Last Man Standing: The Dad Hat (ABC 6 Nov 2015 with Joely Fisher)Last Man Standing: The Dad Hat (ABC 6 Nov 2015 with Joely Fisher)


Last Man Standing (ABC 2011, Tim Allen, Nancy Travis)



Today it’s a woman’s world, and in Last Man Standing this man’s man is on a mission to get men back to their rightful place in society.

Men may have built civilizations, invented the locomotive and created ESPN, but they’re about to find out that it’s not a man’s world anymore. You can’t get manlier than Mike Baxter. He’s the marketing director for an iconic outdoor sporting goods store, he loves to have adventures while he’s traveling for work and, of course, he drives a pick-up truck.

While Mike is king of the hill at work, he’s the odd man out in a home that is dominated by women — namely his wife, Vanessa, and their three daughters, 22- year-old Kristin, 17-year-old Mandy and 14-year-old Eve. After being a stay-at-home mom for years, Vanessa recently returned to the workplace and was quickly promoted (much to the dismay of her primarily male co-workers). As a result of Vanessa’s increased work load, Mike is pulled into more hands-on parenting than ever before.

From ABC’s press release, May 2016…. Tim Allen returns for a sixth season as Mike Baxter in “Last Man Standing.” New challenges greet Mike as he continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to test his ideas on just about everything he strongly believes in.

Tim Allen as Mike Baxter
Nancy Travis as Vanessa Baxter
Kaitlyn Dever as Eve Baxter
Molly Ephraim as Mandy Baxter
Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter (Season 2- )
Christoph Sanders as Kyle Anderson
Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter
Hector Elizondo as Ed Alzate
Jonathan Adams as Chuck Larabee
Jordan Masterson as Ryan Vogelson

other cast info
Alexandra Krosney as Kristin Baxter (Season 1)

key behind the scenes crew
Becky Clements as Executive Producer
Jack Burditt as Creator/Executive Producer
John Pasquin as Producer/Director of pilot
Marty Adelstein as Executive Producer
Richard Baker as Executive Producer
Rick Messina as Executive Producer
Shawn Levy as Executive Producer
Tim Allen as Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
10/11/2011 – continuing

network and production companies
ABC – 20th Century Fox Television – 21 Laps-Adelstein Productions


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