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Late Expectations (BBC Sitcom, Keith Barron)



In BBC sitcom Late Expectations middle aged couple Ted (Keith Barron) and Liz Jackson (Nanette Newman) are shocked when they return from their ‘second honeymoon’ and discover that Liz is pregnant. Finding herself pregnant at the age of 43 leaves Liz less than impressed and in a gift that keeps on giving she then finds out she is expecting twins. The Jackson’s three grown up children also need some time to process the news.

In 1988 the BBC had aired the very similar Life Begins at Forty and to be fair there wasn’t too much to choose between the two shows.

Cast: Keith Barron as Ted Jackson; Nanette Newman as Liz Jackson; Caroline Mander as Suzie Jackson; Sara Griffiths as Polly Jackson; Paul McCarthy as George Jackson; Norman Ashley as Harry; Sally Hughes as Joyce

Writer: John Gleason / Producer: John B. Hobbs

UK / BBC One / 6×30 minute episodes / 7 April – 12 May 1987 Tuesdays at 8.30pm