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Leaving (ITV 2012, Helen McCrory, Callum Turner)




Leaving was a drama serial about a man who falls in love with a married woman twenty years his senior. At 25, Aaron Hughes cannot find a job and is still living with his parents, while his ex- girlfriend is about to marry his brother.

Julie Ranmore is 44 and a mother of two, but the passion in her marriage has long since gone. When Julie first meets Aaron at his brother’s wedding reception, each is unaware that the moment is the beginning of an unlikely relationship.

Later, when Aaron takes a job at the hotel where Julie works, a bond begins to form. Although Julie knows she must be cautious, it becomes clear this is not just a fling.

Her husband Michael flirts with a woman at work, but oversteps the mark and is suspended. Michael starts to suspect that Julie is hiding something, but when he loses his job, he pleads with Julie to return to her family to pay the bills. Needing to prove himself to Julie, Aaron applies for a place on a management trainee scheme, but gets seconded to London. Can he bring himself to leave her, and will she let him go?

production details
UK / ITV / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 2012

Writer: Tony Marchant

Helen McCrory as Julie Ranmore
Callum Turner as Aaron Hughes
Sean Gallagher as Michael