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Letters From The Dead (1960’s ITV Thriller, Norman Bowler, Glyn Owen)



In six part thriller Letters From The Dead, Peter Allery (Norman Bowler) finds himself mixed up in murder when pays a visit to Leysham to see his ex-wife who has been ill. Local postman Ginty Thomas is found dead in an apparently motiveless crime. Detective Chief Inspector Reaygo (Glyn Owen) believes, however, that a religious cult (“Space Spirit Meditation”) that is headquartered in the village, may be involved. Reaygo is also convinced the killer will strike again.

Another of those forgotten ITV thriller serials that suffered through not being fully networked across the regions. Letters from the Dead was made by Southern TV and it was shown by them in 1968. LWT also showed it in 1968 albeit in a late night Saturday evening slot.

Cast: Glyn Owen (Chief Inspector Reaygo), Norman Bowler (Peter Allery), John Stratton (Damian Anthony), Michael Graham (Maitland), Richard Coleman (Herrick), Jayne Sofiano (Pippa Hales)

Written by Ian Kennedy Martin / Production designed by John Dilly / Associate producer Sophia Peckhan / produced and directed by James Gatward

UK / ITV – Southern / 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 August – 7 September 1968 (Southern and LWT) and 19 September – 24 October 1969 (ATV)