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Lewis (ITV 2006-2015, Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox)



Crime drama series Lewis is actually a spin off of all time classic tec show Inspector Morse featuring the character of Sergeant Robbie Lewis who returns to the UK after 3 years in africa to take up a position as Detectice Inspector with Oxford C.I.D. His mentor Morse died at the conclusion of that series and here Lewis is himself the senior figure – partnered with intelligent university grad Detective Sergeant James Hathaway.

Lewis is made by much of the same crew as were on board for Morse so there is a high level of continuity and a nicely similar feel. The theme tune is still by Barrington Pheloung too and of course the key ingredient is the wonderful spires and colleges of Oxford itself. There is the sense that times are changing in the city though and there is a great line in the pilot episode where Hathaway askes Lewis if Oxford has changed while he has been away and Lewis replied that it changed before he went!

There is clearly still a large audience for intelligent murder mystery and lots of people who were not ready to give up on Morse yet. Whately is great, one of the UK most under rated actors in fact and there is a nice sparking off between Lewis and Hathaway.

The series was initially going to be known as Inspector Lewis and indeed in some overseas markets that is what the show is known as.

production details
UK | ITV1 Network – ITV Studios | 42×120 minute episodes | Broadcast 29 January 2006 – 10 November 2015

Inspired by the character created by Colin Dexter
Music: Barrington Pheloung
Executive Producers: Michele Buck, Ted Childs, Rebecca Eaton

KEVIN WHATELY as Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis
LAURENCE FOX as Detective Sergeant James Hathaway
CLARE HOLMAN as Doctor Laura Hobson
REBECCA FRONT as Chief Supt. Jean Innocent