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Liam (2000, Ian Hart, Claire Hackett)



Set in the Irish Catholic community of 1930s Liverpool in the midst of the depression. Tom Sullivan loses his job at the shipyard and joins a fascist movement; his daughter is in service and his young son Liam, who has a speech impediment, is preparing for his first confession.

production details
UK | BBC Films | 90 minutes | 2000

Director: Stephen Frears
Script: Jimmy McGovern

Ian Hart as Dad
Claire Hackett as Mum
Anthony Borrows as Liam
David Hart as Con
Megan Burns as Teresa
Anne Reid as Mrs. Abernathy
Russell Dixon as Father Ryan
Jane Gurnett as Mrs Samuels
Gema Loveday as Jane Samuels
Julia Deakin as Aggie
Andrew Schofield as Tom
Martin Hancock as David
David Knopov as Mr Samuels
Arnold Brown as Pawnbroker
James Foy as Lofty
Bernadette Shortt as Lizzie
David Carey as Lizzie’s Husband
Sylvia Gatril as Nunney
Chris Darwin as Nunney’s Husband
Stephen Walters as Black shirt
Sean McKee as Little Micky
Sean Styles as Big Micky