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Lie With Me (ITV 2004, Andrew Lincoln, Eve Best)



Lie With Me

In thriller Lie With Me Roselyn Tyler is raped and her flatmate Joanna murdered but she can remember nothing of the night it happened because she had been given a date-rape drug.

The police strongly suspect Joanna’s boyfriend Gerry is the culprit but their forensic evidence is not strong enough. Roselyn becomes close to Will Tomlinson the investigating officer and together they plan that she will pretend to remember the details of what happened in order to convict Gerry who they “know” must have done it anyway. But once the court case is over and Gerry is locked away, the real killer makes contact with Roselyn and she begins to remember what really happened.

production details
UK / ITV-1 / 2×75 minute episodes / Broadcast 15-16 November 2004

Writer: Stephen Butchard / Music: Nina Humphreys / Script supervisor: Irene Chawko / Executive Producer: Christine Langan / Producer: Lucy Bedford / Director: Susanna White

Andrew Lincoln as Will Tomlinson
Bill Paterson as Detective Chief Inspector Collman
Josephine Butler as Donna Grogan
Amanda Mealing as Carolyn Henson
Robert Horwell as Detective Sergeant Johnson
Nathalie Press as Sheena Cast
Daniel Cerqueira as Gusto Bart
Valentine Pelka as Alex
Anthony Flanagan as Tom Fraser
Anna Francolini as Anna
N’Deaye Baa-Clements as Ms Reed