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Life and Crimes of William Palmer, The (ITV 1998, Keith Allen, Jayne Ashbourne)



Period drama based on a real life case. In Victorian times outwardly respectable doctor William Palmer is quite willing to stoop to murder to further his career.

production details
UK | Yorkshire – WGBH Boston | 2×90 minutes | 1998

Writer: Glenn Chandler
Music: Chris Gunning
Costume: Brian Castle
Producer: David Reynolds
Director: Alan Dossor

Keith Allen as Dr. William Palmer
Jayne Ashbourne as Annie Palmer
Linda Bassett as Mary Thornton
Chloe Newsome as Eliza Tharm
John Bleasdale as Henry Bladon
Dominic Borrelli as Samuel Cheshire
Christian Burgess as George Palmer
Judy Cornwell as Mrs. Palmer
Freddie Jones as Dr Bamford
Richard Coyle as John Parsons Cook
Ron Donachie as Leonard Bladon
Ben Miles as Thomas Palmer
Tim Stern as Jim