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Line of Fire (ABC 2003-2004, Leslie Hope)



Line Of Fire

Crime drama series Line of Fire was a coolly unsentimental look at a team FBI agents and the mob boss they are hunting. Heading up the good guys is as Lisa Cohen, a chain-smoking, sexually ambiguous federal agent running a team out of Langley. With her killer gaze, tight lips and hyper-restrained manner.

Cohen may be even scarier than Mafioso Jonah Malloy… and not just because he’s being played by the usually schlubby second banana David Paymer. It would be a tight race, though, what with Malloy’s taste for torture, kidnapping and, well, killing people.

Line of Fire failed to catch alight with the audience however and was cancelled after 11 episodes (13 had been made but two went unaired).

production details
USA / ABC – Touchstone – Dreamworks / 13x60minute episodes / 2 December 2003 – 3 May 2004

Executive Producers: Marc Frydman, Rod Lurie, Jeff Melvoin

Leslie Hope as Lisa Cohen
David Paymer as Jonah Malloy
Anson Mount as Roy Ravelle
Jeffrey D. Sams as Todd Stevens
Leslie Bibb as Paige Van Duren

1. PILOT (2 Dec 2003)
2. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN (9 Dec 2003)
3. UNDERCOVER ANGEL (16 Dec 2003)
4. MOCKINGBIRD (23 Dec 2003)
5. BOOM, SWAGGER, BOOM (30 Dec 2003)
6. THE BEST-LAID PLANS (6 Jan 2004)
7. I’M YOUR BOOGIE MAN (13 Jan 2004)
8. MOTHER & CHILD REUNION (27 Jan 2004)
9. THE SENATOR (3 Feb 2004)
10. BORN TO RUN (Unaired)
12. EMINENCE FRONT: PART 1 (30 May 2004)
13. EMINENCE FRONT: PART 2 (30 May 2004)