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Line of Fire (ABC 2003-2004, David Paymer, Leslie Bibb)



Line of Fire is set in Virginia, featuring FBI agents and the underworld criminals they’ve sworn to take out of action.

We meet rookie agents Paige Van Doren and Todd Stevens as they take up their new posting in Richmond. Van Doren is ambitious with a strong moral centre and a deep sense of purpose. Stevens is fast, smooth – and willing to take shortcuts.

Special Agent in Charge Lisa Cohen is their no-nonsense boss, and agents Amiel MacArthur and Jennifer Sampson complete the FBI team investigating corrupt judges, Colombian drugs shipments and the murder of a fellow agent.

Meanwhile, local mobster Jonah Malloy runs his criminal organisation with a businessman’s efficiency.

As the Feds mourn their fallen comrade, on the wrong side of the law Malloy readies his own team for war.

production details
USA | ABC | 13×50 minutes | Broadcast 2 December 2003 – 30 May 2004

Creator: Rod Lurie

Leslie Bibb as Paige Van Doren
Anson Mount as Roy Ravelle
David Paymer as Jonah Malloy
Leslie Hope as Lisa Cohen
Jeffrey D. Sams as Todd Stevens
Brian Goodman as Donovan Stubbin
Michael Irby as Amiel MacArthur
Julie Ann Emery as Jennifer Sampson
Jazsmin Lewis as Jada Stubbin