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Lone Star (Fox 2010, James Wolk, Adrianne Palicki)



Drama series Lone Star follows Robert Allen who, despite living in Houston and being married to Cat, the daughter of super wealthy Texas oil man Clint Thatcher is actually leading a double life with his girlfriend Lindsay Holloway 400 miles away in the Texas town of Midland. Despite playing the role of Mr Perfect to his wife and girlfriend he is really a major league con man out to not only con the locals of Midland but pull off the big con of taking Clint Thatcher for everything he’s got.

Scoring massively well with the critic-o-meter Lone Star had all the hallmarks of being one of the big hits of the year, unfortunately viewers disagreed and Fox, as is the way with modern TV decided to not bother letting the show find it’s own audience and cancelled the show after just two episodes. Hard to say whether the series was good or not really, the opening episode was very strong, episode two spent a little bit too much time going over the same ground as episode one but that’s always an issue with new shows as they trying to establish characters.

The cast was excellent though and there was a strong recurring guest role for Andie McDowell as a femme fatale also out to relieve Clint of some of his cash.

production details
USA / Fox – Depth of Field Productions – Keyser/Lippman Productions / 2×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 – 27 September 2010

Creator: Kyle Killen / Music: Danny Lux / Executive Producers: Kyle Killen, Kerry Kohansky, Amy Lippman, Paul Weitz / Producer: John B. Moranville

JAMES WOLK as Robert/Bob Allen
JON VOIGHT as Clint Thatcher
DAVID KEITH as John Allen
BRYCE JOHNSON as Drew Thatcher
MARK DEKLIN as Trammell Thatcher
CHAD FAUST as Harrison “Harry” Boone

1. PILOT (20 September 2010)
2. ONE IN EVERY FAMILY (27 September 2010)