Long Strange Trip (Amazon 2017)

Long Strange Trip probes the creative forces, subversive ambitions, and interpersonal dynamics that drove the Grateful Dead in their 30-year quest for moments of collective inspiration. By inventing a unique fusion of folk, jazz, R&B, avant-garde experimentation, world music and rock and roll, they earned the devotion of the most committed fan base in the music business, while gleefully disdaining every cliché of pop success.

key behind the scenes crew
Alex Blavatnik as Producer
Alicia Sams as Executive Producer
Amir Bar-Lev as Director
Andrew Heller as Executive Producer
Bill Kreutzmann as Executive Producer
Bob Weir as Executive Producer
Emma Tillinger Koskoff as Executive Producer
Eric Eisner as Producer
Justin Kreutzmann as Producer
Ken Dornstein as Producer
Martin Scorsese as Executive Producer
Mickey Hart as Executive Producer
Nick Koskoff as Producer
Phil Lesh as Executive Producer
Rick Yorn as Executive Producer
Sanford Heller as Executive Producer
Thomas J. Mangan IV as Executive Producer

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show type

broadcast from
Released Friday 2 June 2017
1 season with 6 episodes in total

network and production companies
Amazon – Amazon Studios

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