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His Lordship Entertains (BBC-2 1972 Ronnie Barker, David Jason)



His Lordship Entertains

Sitcom His Lordship Entertains was a change of channel and title for Ronnie Barker’s series Hark at Barker and continuing the misadventures of Lord Rustless at Chrome Hall. Here he has turned the place into a hotel in a bid to make ends meet.

Helping Lord Rustless was the ever dependable Mildred Bates and his elderly retainer Dithers (played by the much younger David Jason in bests Moore Marriott style.)

Unlike Hark at Barker, which had seen multiple roles for Barker and a more sketch like format, here he stuck to just playing Lord Rustless. He also wrote the series under one of his regular pseudonyms Jonathan Cobbald.

His Lordship Entertains

David Jason is under all that facial hair.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 7×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 June -17 July 1972 Mondays at 8.55pm

Writer: Jonathan Cobbald (AKA Ronnie Barker) / Producer and Director: Harold Snoad

Ronnie Barker as Lord Rustless
Josephine Tewson as Mildred Bates
David Jason as Dithers
Mary Baxter as Cook
Moira Foot as Effie
Frank Gatliff as Badger