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Losing Gemma (ITV Thriller, Alice Eve, Rachel Leskovac)



Losing Gemma ITV Thriller, Alice Eve

In one off ITV thriller Losing Gemma, written by Robert Murphy, Gemma (Rachel Leskovac) and Esther (Alice Eve) are two young women who go backpacking in India and meet a couple who have a strange influence over Gemma.

When the wife of the couple winds up dead and Gemma goes missing, Esther finds herself accused of murder and must try to find Gemma and prove her innocence.

Cast: Alice Eve (Esther), Rachel Leskovac (Gemma), Jason Flemyng (Zac), Jonas Armstrong (Steve), Koel Purie (Coral), Rhian Grundy (Karen), Suhasini Mulay (Mrs Shastri), Melanie Valanzuolo (Steve’s Girlfriend), Yogendra Tiku (Goan Police Inspector), Dan Husain (Delhi Police Detective), Sanjeev Kohli (Paddy Singh)

Writer: Robert Murphy / Novel: Katy Gardner / Script Editor: Siobhan Finnigan / Music: Hal Lindes / Executive Producer: Andy Harries / Producer: Shefali Malhoutra / Director: Maurice Phillips

UK / ITV1 – ITV Productions / 2×75 minute episodes / Broadcast 18-19 December 2006