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Lost World, The (BBC-1 2001, Bob Hoskins, James Fox)



Professor Challenger leads an expedition from London to South America on search of an unexplored plateau where dinosaurs still live. Made by the BBC using the techniques developed for the documentary series WALKING WITH DINOSAURS.

UK | BBC One | 2×75 minutes | 25&26 December 2001

Book: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Dramatists: Adrian Hodges, Tony Mulholland | Director: Stuart Orme | Producer: Christopher Hall

BOB HOSKINS as Challenger | JAMES FOX as Summerlee | TOM WARD as Lord Roxton | MATTHEW RHYS as Edward Malone | ELAINE CASSIDY as Agnes Cluny | PETER FALK as Theo Kerr | ROBERT HARDY as Illingworth | JOANNA PAGE as Gladys | TIM HEALY as McArdle | TESSA PEAKE-JONES as Mrs Summertree