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Love Among The Artists (ITV Drama, John Stride, Geraldine James)



Period ITV drama Love Among The Artists followed a group on bohemians in London society of the 1880’s. Based on the novel by George Bernard Shaw the five parter had the brilliant John Stride in the lead as painter Owen Jack. Geraldine James made something of a breakthrough as Mary Sutherland.

The drama was due to air in July 1979 but was one of the casualties of the infamous ITV technicians strike. Producer Stuart Latham had long wanted to adapt one of the Shaw’s five novels.

Cast: John Stride as Owen Jack; Geraldine James as Mary Sutherland; Judy Campbell as Mrs Herbert; Jane Carr as Madge Brailsford; Martyn Jacobs as Adrian Herbert; Gary Watson as John Hoskyn; Denise Coffey as Polly Simpson; Piers Flint-Shipman as Charlie Sutherland; John Horsley as Mr Brailsford; Joanna Dunham as Letty Cairns

Writer: Stuart Latham / Novel: George Bernard Shaw / Music: Stephen Oliver / Producer: Howard Baker

UK / ITV – Granada / 5×60 minute episodes / 17 June – 15 July 1980