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Love And Kisses (ITV Sitcom, Arthur Askey, Lally Bowers)



Love and Kisses ITV Sitcom Arthur Akey

Sitcom Love and Kisses was a from the stalls version of Arthur Askey’s 1955 summer season show in which he played Bill Brown, the landlord of a pub. Much of the comedy stemmed from the dynamic within the Brown family, wife Sal (Lally Bowers), son Percy (Ian Gardiner) and daughter Rose (Askey’s real life daughter Anthea). Although to be fair Bill also managed to leave a fair bit of chaos in his wake whether it be crashing the Brewery’s car, having fun at the local theatrical club or giving his wife no option but to go on strike.

Lucky ABC viewers for to see the whole thing in one go the following year on 23 December 1956.

Cast: Arthur Askey as Bill Brown; Lally Bowers as Sal Brown; Anthea Askey as Rose Brown; Ian Gardiner as Percy Brown; Glenn Melvyn as Wally Binns; Barbara Miller as Emma Binns; Danny Ross as Alf Hall; Bernard Graham as Terence Steel; Leonard Williams as Mr Seymour; Margaret Anderson as Pam

Writer: Glenn Melvyn / Producer: Bill Luckwell, Derek E.A. Winn / Directors: Richard Bird, Maclean Rogers

UK / ITV – Associated Rediffusion – Jack Hylton / 5×30 minute episodes / 1955 4 November – 2 December 1955 Fridays 9.00pm