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Love at the Shore (Hallmark 2017, Amanda Rhigetti, Peter Porte)



Love at the Shore

Love at the Shore tells the story of author Jenna Thompson (Amanda Righetti), a mother of two young children whose summer vacation plans take a turn when the family arrives at their summer rental and meets the neighbor of the adjoining duplex: stubborn, unconventional, and attractive surfer Lucas McKinnon (Peter Porte). Jenna is neat and methodical, while Lucas rolls with and revels in life as it comes. As Lucas and Jenna spend more of the summer together, he finds a softer side of himself while dealing with Jenna and her children and Jenna realizes she may have been too quick to judge a book by its cover.

The film also co-stars “Happy the Dog,” Hallmark Channel’s two-year-old adopted Jack Russell Terrier mix. Happy the Dog is one of two rescued pets belonging to Crown Media Family Networks, and the animals are the heart of the company’s mission to showcase the joys shelter pets bring to our lives and to ending pet homelessness.

TV Movie of the Week.

Amanda Righetti as Jenna
Peter Porte as Lucas
Steven J. Young as Fred
Lindsay Ayliffe as Sam
Bethany DeZelle as Perky Assistant
Isabel Chanel Freema… as Swim Meet Kid
Happy the Dog as Tank
Brooke Hudson as Kid #2
Thomas Johnson Jr. as Grayson
Ashton Leigh as Friend #2
Luke Loveless as Nick
Hayden Ramsey as Kid #1
Jermaine Rivers as Ian
Alex Sgambati as Kayla
Reagan Shumate as Ally

crew details
Director: Steven R. Monroe
Screenplay: Nicole Baxter

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Hallmark
Duration: 120 minutes
Aired From: August 2017