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Lovely Couple (ITV Sitcom, Elaine Donnelly, Anthony O’Donnell)



In ITV sitcom Lovely People, in order for them to go on holiday together June Dent (Elaine Donnelly) and David Mason (Anthony O’Donnell) pretend to be engaged, their respective families soon rush them headlong towards a wedding which neither really wants. Over the course of 13 episodes plans were made but the couple never actually made it to the altar.

Lovely Couple only lasted for one season and the idea had probably run its course by then anyway – either June and David got married or they didn’t. The supporting cast included Pauline Quirke as June’s friend Carole and David Lodge as June’s dad Hector.

Cast: Elaine Donnelly as June Dent; Anthony O’Donnell as David Mason; David Lodge as Mr Hector Dent; Geraldine Newman as Mrs Madge Dent; Maggie Jones as Mrs Mason; Nick Edmett as Allan Brown; Pauline Quirke as Carole Richards; Roger Sloman as Jack ‘Rollo’ Dent

Writer: Christopher Wood / Producer and Director: Derrick Goodwin

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 13×30 minute episodes / 7 April – 30 June 1979 Saturdays at 8.00pm