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MacGruder and Loud (ABC 1985, John Getz, Kathryn Harrold)



Crime drama series. Detectives Malcolm MacGruder and Jenny Loud are partners both on the job and off it, having secretly married without informing the police authorities (who would have split the at work partnership up).

This was one of the few failures from Aaron Spelling’s production company in its history, since it was picked by ABC to debut right after the Super Bowl in 1985 and was heavily promoted during the game. The promotion resulted in high ratings at first, but following a quick decline, the series was cancelled three months into its run.

production details
USA | ABC | x50 minutes | Broadcast 20 January – 3 September 1985

Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling

John Getz as Malcolm MacGruder
Kathryn Harrold as Jenny Loud