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Magnificent 7 (BBC-2 2005, Helena Bonham Carter, Bruno Lastra)



In one off drama Magnificent 7, written by Sandy Welch, Maggi Jackson (Helena B0nham Carter) is a caring single mum with seven children.

Four of them (the boys) are autistic and she has to work hard to cope with the various unique problems this brings to her household as we see them over the course of a year. Based on a true story.

Cast: Helena Bonham Carter (Maggi Jackson), Thomas Redford (Curtis Jackson), Christopher Parkinson (Christopher Jackson), Joshua Thurston (Davey Jackson), Polly Thompson (Rebekah Jackson), Holly Grainger (Louise Jackson), Anna Sainsbury (Elizabeth Jackson), Jacqueline Leonard (Jeanette Atkins), Stuart Richman (Jovial Uncle), Karen Shaw (Party Guest 1), Andy Moore (Party Guest 2), David Holt (Mr Atkins), Gary Damer (Neil Atkins), Maeve Larkin (Receptionist), Laurietta Essien (Jennifer Healy), Richard Ellis (Curtis Assessor), Meryl Hampton (Davey’s Assessor), James Foster (Locksmith), Michael Percival (Bully Boy), Bruno Lastra (Dmitri), Louisa Eyo (Headmistress), Chris Jack (The Lowest Form of Constable), Chloe Johnston (Lily), Helen Kay (Mother), Duane Lomax (Richard Jackson), Emma Aldred (Child), Max Eccles (Maths Boy), George Irving (Christopher), Liam Boyle (Liam), Vincent Maguire (Marker Trader), Haider Javed (Tram Conductor), Rebecca Little (Christopher Double)

Writer: Sandy Welch | Producer: Deborah Jones | Director: Kenny Glenaan

UK / BBC Two / 1×85 minutes / 13 December 2005