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Man Who Lost His Head, The (ITV 2007, Martin Clunes, Caroline Harker)



Highly serious museum curator Ian Bennet (Martin Clunes) finds his life turned upside down when he’s sent across the world to return an ancient Maori carving to the small fictional New Zealand town of Otakataka on the west coast of Northland.

Ian is about to marry his boss’s daughter, Fiona Harrison (Caroline Harker). Preparations are underway and Fiona is drawing up seating plans. So when a repatriation claim comes into the museum for a Maori carving to be returned to a remote corner of New Zealand, Ian isn’t keen to do the job. He is even less keen when he learns what a delicate case it is.

The Ministry has told the museum to be sympathetic to the claim, and while the museum director has agreed to do this, he has no intention of letting the piece go back. Such a job needs an experienced pair of hands. The promotion that Ian has long worked for is dangled before him as a reward. He knows he can’t say no. Meanwhile, out in New Zealand a very determined Maori community awaits.

production details
UK | ITV | 1×93 minutes | 2007

Director: Terry Johnson
Script: Mark Wallington
Music: Colin Towns
Producer: Eve Gutierrez

Martin Clunes as Ian Bennett
Caroline Harker as Fiona Harrison
Nicola Kawana as Lollie
John Leigh as George
John Callen as Nigel Harrison
Gareth Reeves as Adrian Minter
Patrick Kake as Waka



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