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Manhunt (ABC 1976-1977, Robert Stack, Shelly Novack)



Most Wanted

Crime drama Manhunt marked Robert Stack’s return to regular series TV. The Untouchables star played Captain Lincoln Evers who headed up a special LAPD squad that focused on Most Wanted criminals.

This was another Quinn Martin production. It was in a good time slot airing directly after Charlie’s Angels but only lasted one season.

Robert Stack as Capt. Lincoln Evers
Shelly Novack as Sgt. Charlie Benson
Jo Ann Harris as Officer Kate Manners
Hari Rhodes as Mayor Dan Stoddard

key behind the scenes crew
Creator and Executive Producer: Quinn Martin
Theme Musis: Lalo Schifrin

show type
Crime drama

broadcast from
Premiered: October 16, 1976
Ended: August 20, 1977
Aired: Saturdays at 10:00 pm – 1×90 minute episode 22×50 minute episodes

network and production companies
USA / ABC – Quinn Martin