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Marion And Geoff (BBC Comedy, Rob Brydon)



Marion And Geoff BBC Comedy, Rob Brydon

Marion and Geoff was a series of comedy monologues in which cab driver Keith Barrett (Rob Bryden) has a video camera fitted into his cab into which he gives forth about the fact that his wife Marion has run off with a bloke called Geoff.

There was a 6 minute Comic Relief episode broadcast 16 March 2001 and a 50 minute special broadcast 3 September 2001 then on 29 January 2003 a new run of 6 30 minute episodes started with Keith now a chauffeur to a lonely heiress.

Cast: ROB BRYDON as Keith Barrett

Writers: Rob Brydon, Hugo Blick / Associate Producers: Steve Coogan, Henry Normal / Producer and Director: Hugo Blick

UK / BBC Two / 10×10 minute episodes 1×6 minute episode 1×50 minute episode 6×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 26 September 2000 – 5 March 2003