Mark Of Zorro, The (ABC 1974, Frank Langella, Ricardo Montalban)

In Madrid, young Don Diego Vega (Frank Langella) tells fellow students at the fencing academy that he will be leaving, to return to California. Later, he learns his father has been deposed in Los Angeles and, posing as a languid fop, he works his way onto his father’s hacienda, where he becomes Zorro, a masked figure in a black cape who was a legendary hero in Spain.

As Zorro, Don Diego rouses the people against the tyrannical leadership of Luis (Robert Middleton) and forces him to sign his abdication. Then Luis’s military aide, Esteban (Ricardo Montalban) appears, and there follows a brilliant sword fight that ends with Esteban’s death. Only now, with the peons victorious and Luis in rout, does Zorro’s father learn who he really is.

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production details
USA | ABC – Twentieth Century Fox | 1×78 minutes | 1974

Director: Don McDougall
Writers: Brian Taggert, based on the novel by Johnston McCulley

Frank Langella as Don Diego / Zorro
Ricardo Montalban as Captain Esteban
Gilbert Roland as Don Alejandro Vega
Louise Sorel as Inez Quintero
Anne Archer as Teresa
Yvonne De Carlo as Isabella Vega (as Yvonne DeCarlo)
Tom Lacy as Fray Felipe
Jorge Cervera Jr. as Sgt. Gonzales
Jay Hammer as Antonio
Robert Middleton as Don Luis Quintero

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