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Marvellous Party (ITV Entertainment, Laurence Harvey)



Marvellous Party ITV Entertainment, Cleo Laine, Laurence Harvey

Marvellous Party was a light entertainment special celebrating the 70th birthday of Noel Coward and featuring performances of songs such as That is the End of the News, Bar on the Piccola Marina, Twentieth-century Blues and Mad About the Boy.

Those taking part were Laurence Harvey (who acted as MC), Betty Marsden, Cleo Laine, Ronnie Stevens, Virginia Mason, Ray Davis, Caryl Little, Valerie Masterton and Paddy McIntyre

Producer and Choreographer: Gillian Lynne / Music Associate: Peter Knight / Executive Producer: Derek Granger / Designer: Keith Norman / Music Director: Harry Rabinowitz / Director: Peter Haggard

UK | ITV Network – London Weekend Television / 1×60 minutes / Friday 10 January 1969 at 9:00pm