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Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (Syndication 1976-1977, Louise Lasser, Greg Mullavey)



Sitcom that was a send up of daytime soaps, centering on housewife Mary Hartman, her friends and neighbours in the town of Fernwood, Ohio. Shown every week day, the shows characters were beset by all manner of sensational storylines.

A 130 episode sequel, minus Mary Hartman, appeared called Forever Fernwood. A kind of related sequel was Fernwood 2-night, which pastiched talk shows(the title of this show later became America 2-Night).

production details
USA | Syndication – TAT | 325×25 minutes | 1976-1977

Executive Producer: Norman Lear
Producers: Lew Gallo, Eugenie Ross-Leming, Perry Krauss, Viki Knight, Brad Bucker

LOUISE LASSER as Mary Hartman
GREG MULLAVEY as Tom Hartman
DODY GOODMAN as Martha Shumway
PHIL BRUNS as George Shumway(1)
TAB HUNTER as George Shumway(2)
DEBRA LEE SCOTT as Cathy Shumway
MARY KAY PLACE as Loretta Haggers
ED BEGLEY JR as Steve Fletcher
DABNEY COLEMAN as Mayor Merle Jeeter
MARTIN MULL as Garth Gimble