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May 33rd (BBC Drama, Lia Williams)



In one off drama May 33rd Ella Wilson (Lia Williams) suffers from multiple personality disorder following years of systematic abuse as a child. An osteopath who is treating her on other matters tries to help her with her problems. The programme title comes from Ella’s state of mind being like living in a day that doesn’t exist for anyone else.

Cast: Lia Williams (Ella Wilson), Soren Byder (Edward Sorensson), Mali Harries (Sarah Sorensson), Wesley Nelson (Charlie Sorensson), Annabelle Apsion (Jenny), John Kane (Daddy), Simon Greiff (Mark), Malcolm Raeburn (Uncle Len), Valerie Minifie (Mum), Roger Watkins (Dad), Syan Blake (Social Worker), Eileen Davies (Resident)

Writer: Guy Hibbert / Producer: Hilary Bevan Jones / Executive Producers: Guy Hibbert, Julie Gardner / Director: David Attwood

UK / BBC One / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 21 April 2004