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Merlin (BBC Fantasy, Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson)



Magical drama series Merlin brings us the King Arthur story in the same style as the BBC’s successful revamp of Robin Hood. The story begins with a young Merlin arriving in Camelot full of ideas, talent and seemingly amazing powers, of course people in the Kingdom are naturally unsure about this new arrival, especially as magic has been outlawed by the evil Uther Pendragon.

Uther’s heir Prince Arthur is also not very happy at the new boys arrival. Merlin though is taken under the wing of Gaius (Uther’s own personal physician) who spots something special about the young man and quickly realises that both Merlin and Arthur’s futures are the key to the future history of Camelot.

Cast: Colin Morgan (Merlin), Angel Coulby (Gwen), Bradley James (Arthur), Katie McGrath (Morgana), Richard Wilson (Gaius), John Hurt (The Great Dragon (voice)), Anthony Head (King Uther), Santiago Cabrera (Lancelot), Louise Dylan (Bronwen), Nathaniel Parker (Agravaine de Bois, Season 4)

Creators: Julian Jones, Johnny Capps, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy / Composers: Rob Lane, Rohan Stevenson / Executive Producers: Julie Gardner, Bethan Jones

UK / BBC One – Shine / 65×45 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 September 2008 – 24 December 2012