Mind Games (ABC 2014, Steve Zahn, Christian Slater)

In Mind Games with a little bit of science, a dash of con-artistry, plus a smattering of Jedi mind tricks, brothers Ross (Christian Slater) and Clark Edwards (Steve Zahn) can tailor a plan to influence any life-altering situation, thereby making their clients’ dreams come true and their nightmares go away. They are partners in Edwards and Associates, an unusual business based on the belief that people’s decisions are influenced by their environment in ways they’re not aware.

By using the hard science of psychological manipulation, the brothers commit to solving their clients’ problems. With Clark’s expertise and Ross’s con artist ways, each believing to know what makes people tick, and with their unique staff to help them, the brothers will use psychology and science to offer clients an alternative to their fates. “Mind Games” stars Steve Zahn as Clark, Christian Slater as Ross, Megalyn Echikunwoke as Megan, Gregory Marcel as Miles, Jaime Ray Newman as Sam, and Cedric Sanders as Latrell.

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Steve Zahn as Clark
Christian Slater as Ross
Cedric Sanders as Latrell
Gregory Marcel as Miles
Megalyn Echikunwoke as Megan
Wynn Everett as Claire

key behind the scenes crew
Keith Redmon as Executive Producer
Kyle Killen as Creator/Executive Producer
Miguel Sapochnik as Director of Pilot

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show type

broadcast from
2/25/2014 – 3/25/2014
1 season with 13 episodes in total. Cancelled after 5 episodes with 8 yet to air.

network and production companies
20th Century Fox Television


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