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Misfits (ITV Sitcom, Anne Stallybrass, Enn Reitel)



In sitcom Misfits middle class Mrs Ridgeway Anne Stallybrass) takes in a couple of strange young men as lodgers. Oscar (Kevin Lloyd) and Skinner (Enn Reitel) are actually supposed to be en route to Kathmandu to partake of some spiritual awakening but have run out of money.

Initially Liz thought the pair were somewhat hopeless and they thought she was too straight and middle class but they eventually reached a middle ground of realising they were all life’s misfits in one way or another. The other regular was Liz’s friend Monica (Marcia Ashton).

Misfits Anne Stallybrass’s first sitcom role and was another Eric Chappell sitcom but one that came and went without much fanfare.

Cast: Anne Stallybrass as Liz Ridgeway; Enn Reitel as Skinner; Kevin Lloyd as Oscar; Marcia Ashton as Monica Forbes

Writer: Eric Chappell / Producer: Ronnie Baxter

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 7×30 minute episodes / 5 June – 17 July 1981 Fridays at 8.30pm