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Misleading Cases (BBC-1 1967-1971, Alastair Sim, Roy Dotrice)



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Comedy series Misleading Cases focused on Albert Haddock who finds himself regularly in trouble with the law and in the dock, but thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge of ancient cases and laws he is usually able to get off.

Haddock normally found that Mr Justice Swallow was the magistrate in charge and Sir Joshua Hoot the opposing council.

Season three was known as A.P. Herbert’s Misleading Cases.

production details
BBC One / 19×30 minute episodes / 1967/71 Three seasons

Stories: A.P. Herbert / Adapted by Alan Melville, Christopher Bond, Michael Gilbert, Geoffrey Lumsden, Myles Rudge / Music:  Dennis Wilson / Producers: Michael Mills, John Howard Davies

Alastair Sim as Mr Justice Swallow
Roy Dotrice as Albert Haddock
Avice Landon as Mrs Haddock
Thorley Walters as Sir Joshua Hoot, Q.C.