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Mortimer’s Law (BBC Crime, Amanda Root)



Mortimer's Law BBC Crime, Amanda Root

In BBC crime drama series Mortimer’s Law successful London barrister Rachel Mortimer (Amanda Root) returns home to her Welsh roots taking up a post as Coroner of the Welsh marches.

There was a bit of initial mutual dislike between Rachel and cop Gwilym Humphries (Nicholas McGaughey). When she was still a barrister Rachel had gained an acquittal for a suspected rapist who had been caught by Humphries.

Storylines were quite strong with Rachel investigating a case of potential human sacrifice that may have connections to a local collection of druids. In another Rachel was convinced she had a deadly stalker out to get her. Other cases saw Rachel looking into the disappearance of college tutor’s wife.

In an interview in the Wexford People (4 Feb 1998) star Amanda Root said she relished the opportunity to break away from the costume drama roles she had mostly been appearing in saying “it was great to cast off the corsets and show my legs at lest. I insisted on seriously smart suits and four inch stilettos even if my feet did suffer for it.” As part of her research for the role Amanda spent time in real life Coroner’s court. At the time there were only six female coroners in the country.

Guest stars included Windsor Davies, Valentine Pelka, Christopher Godwin, Tenniel Evans, Sion Tudor Owen and Sue Jones-Davies.

Cast: Amanda Root as Rachel Mortimer; Nicholas McGaughey as Detective Constable Gwilym Humphries; Gwenyth Petty as Mrs Morgan; Clive Merrison as Tegwyn

Producer: Stephen Jeffrey-Poulter

UK / BBC One (Wales) – Chatsworth / 1×70 minutes 5×50 minutes / 6 February – 13 March 1998