Moving (ITV Sitcom, Penelope Keith, Ronald Pickup)

In ITV sitcom Moving, Sarah (Penelope Keith) and Frank Gladwyn (Ronald Pickup) are trying to sell their house after the kids have left home. The plan is to downsize, move into a flat and make use of their capital. Of course things don’t quite go to plan. Especially when daughter Jane (Barbara Wilshere) returns home from college and Sarah’s sister Liz (Prunella Gee) was also fond of outstaying her welcome.

The series began life as a full length play that had a good run in the West End. On 2 September 1987 a 90 minute amalgamation of the six episodes was shown. In an interview with The Stage on 28 March 1985 writer Stanley Price talked about the series. “When it was first suggested that I write Moving for television, I assumed it would be a one-off play, but Thames wanted to produce it as a weekly serial. It was suddenly like writing six plays with six intervals.” Moving was definitely more comedy drama than sitcom, something Price acknowledged “I think all good comedies are based on something serious,” he said.

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Cast: Penelope Keith as Sarah Gladwyn; Ronald Pickup as Frank Gladwyn; Prunella Gee as Liz Ford; Natalie Slater as Eileen Lewis; Roger Lloyd Pack as Jimmy Ryan; David Ashford as Bill Lomax; Eliza Hunt as Beryl Fearnley; Barbara Wilshere as Jane Gladwyn

Writer: Stanley Price / Director: Moira Armstrong

UK / ITV – Thames / 6×30 minute episodes / 9 January – 13 February 1985 Wednesdays 8.30pm

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