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Mr Rose (ITV Crime Drama, William Mervyn)



Mr Rose ITV Crime Drama William Mervyn

ITV crime drama series Mr Rose was about Ex-Scotland Yard Inspector Charles Rose (William Mervyn) who still finds time to tackle the odd case. Former detective John Halifax (Donald Webster) is Rose’s manservant and his secretary was initially Drusilla Lamb (Gillian Lewis) and then Jessica Dalton (Jennifer Clulow).

For the third and final season Mr Rose got a new right hand man in the shape of Robert Trent (Eric Woofe). Throughout the series Rose is supposed to be writing his memoirs but never seems to quite have the time. Trent has been sent by the publishing company to keep an eye on Rose and make him knuckle down to writing but of course he soon finds himself drawn into mystery solving.

The series attracted some well known writers including Philip Mackie of course as well as Robert Holmes, Martin Worth, David Whitaker, Michael J. Bird and Roy Clarke. Guest stars included George Sewell, Melissa Stribling, John Abineri, Julie Goodyear, Terence Alexander, Nerys Hughes, John Le Mesurier and Nicholas Ball.

The series was a spin off from The Odd Man and It’s Dark Outside which had both featured the character of Mr Rose.

Cast: William Mervyn as Charles Rose; Gillian Lewis as Drusilla Lamb; Donald Webster as John Halifax; Jennifer Clulow as Jessica Dalton; Eric Woofe as Robert Trent

Creator: Philip Mackie / Producers: Philip Mackie, Margaret Morris

UK / ITV – Granada / 24×60 minutes / 17 February 1967 – 5 December 1968