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Mr Wroe’s Virgins (BBC Drama, Jonathan Pryce, Minnie Driver)



Mr Wroes Virgins BBC Jonathan Pryce

Period drama serial Mr Wroe’s Virgins was set in the 19th century when a preacher, John Wroe (Jonathan Pryce), arrives in a northern industrial town, where the locals put him up in a house and give him four virgins to provide him with ‘comfort and succour’ each of the episodes focused on a different one of the virgins.

The first episode focused on Leah (Minnie Driver), the second Joanna (Lia Williams), the third Hannah (Kerry Fox) and the fourth and final one on Martha (Kathy Burke). This was a well cast drama directed by Danny Boyle who would very quickly move into films most notable with Shallow Grave in 1994 and then Trainspotting in 1996.

Cast: Minnie Driver as Leah; Jonathan Pryce as John Wroe; Lia Williams as Joanna; Kerry Fox as Hannah; Kathy Burke as Martha; Moya Brady as Dinah; Catherine Kelly as Rachel; Ruth Kelly as Rebekah; Freddie Jones as Tobias; Nicholas Woodeson as Moses; Stefan Escreet as Samuel Walker

Writer: Jane Rogers / Producer: John Chapman / Director: Danny Boyle

UK / BBC Two / 4×60 minutes / 24 February – 17 March 1993