Mrs Thursday (ITV Drama, Kathleen Harrison, Hugh Manning)



Comedy drama series Mrs Thursday saw elderly cleaning lady Alice Thursday (Kathleen Harrison) shocked when her millionaire tycoon boss dies and leaves his empire (and money) to her. she decides to carry on running his business – the Dunrich group.

The show was immediately popular with a starring role for the lovely Kathleen Harrison who was 67 when the series started. Harrison had long been a solid film and radio character actress and clearly enjoyed her new role even buying her own outfits for the series.

The series was created by Ted Willis who also wrote quite a few scripts along with the likes of the great Jack Rosenthal, Martin Worth, Gerald Kelsey, Richard Harris, Hazel Adair, Lew Schwarz and Diana Morgan.

Guest stars included George Waring, Dandy Nichols, Trevor Bannister, Norman Bird, Wanda Ventham, Tenniel Evans, Ralph Bates, Roger Delgado and John Savident.

Cast: Kathleen Harrison as Alice Thursday; Hugh Manning as Richard B. Hunter; Richard Caldicot as Sir Charles Barker

Creator: Ted Willis / Producer: Jack Williams

UK / ITV – ATV / 25×60 minutes / 14 March 1966 – 21 December 1967

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