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Mulberry (BBC Sitcom, Karl Howman)



In this two season sitcom the strange and mysterious Mulberry (Karl Howman) arrives at Farnaby Manor to work as a servant to lonely spinster Miss Farnaby.

Wanted: young person to render general domestic assistance. According to Bert and Alice, the two surly servants who work for the formidable Miss Farnaby, the notice should read ‘Wanted: masochist to be at beck and call of cantankerous old trout.’

Fortunately, Mulberry has never met Bert or Alice. In fact, no one knows where he comes from. Out of the blue, he just turns up one day at the family mansion, without a single qualification to his name, and sweet-talks his way into the job. Suddenly, the dull old house is not dull any more, and Miss Farnaby’s life will never be the same again.

This strange series got stranger as it progressed with Mulberry turning out to be the son of Death and his mother was Springtime.

Cast: Karl Howman (Mulberry), Geraldine McEwan (Miss Farnaby), Tony Selby (Bert Finch), John Bennett (The Stranger), Lill Roughley (Alice Finch – Season One), Mary Healey (Alice Finch – Season Two)

Writers: John Esmonde, Bob Larbey / Theme Music: Chris Adonis, Chris Nicolaides / Production Design: Garry Freeman / Producer: John B. Hobbs

UK / BBC One / 13×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 24 February 1992 – 20 May 1993