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Murder at the Wedding (ITV Crime, Bryan Marshall)



In four part crime drama Murder at the Wedding the wealthy Russell family are planning for the extravagant wedding of their daughter Anne (Barbara Ferris) to William (Bryan Marshall) – when murder strikes it quickly becomes apparent that everybody has something to hide.

The murder didn’t take place until the end of the second episode and played second fiddle to the festivities.

Cast: Daniel Swan as Luke; Barbara Ferris as Anne Russell; Diane Fletcher as Liz Marescot; Liza Goddard as Sarah Russell; James Hazeldine as Mike Fulmer; David Lodge as Bigwood; Cyril Luckham as Eric Russell; Alfred Lynch as Ken French; Bryan Marshall as William Appleyard; Caroline Mortimer as Ros Fielding; Angela Pleasence as Pam Appleyard; Eleanor Summerfield as Gwen Russell; Trevor Thomas as Royston; Sara Kethro as Charlotte; Christopher Biggins as Clive; Clifford Earl as Pete; Anna Wing as Great Aunt May; Janine Duvitski as Gail; Virginia Balfour as Wanda; Gennie Nevinson as Paddy; Keith Anderson as Les; Moira Downie as Suzie; Gaye Hopkin as Verna

Writers: Bob Baker, Dave Martin / Production Design: Ken Jones / Producer: Leonard White / Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole / Director: Peter Sasdy

UK / ITV – HTV / 4×60 minute episodes / 11 July – 1 August 1979