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My Boy Jack (ITV 2007,Daniel Radcliffe, David Haig)



Daniel Radcliffe, in his first TV drama role post the Harry Potter films, plays John ‘Jack’ Kipling in My Boy Jack, an epic and moving story of an extraordinary family.

Set during World War One, My Boy Jack tells the true story of how Rudyard Kipling used his influence to get his 17-year-old son Jack a commission with the Irish Guards, despite his son’s poor eyesight. Jack went missing in action during the Battle of Loos and his mother and father carried out an ardent search for him, spanning many years and many miles of soul-destroying discovery.

This was something of a personal project for actor David Haig who also wrote the script.

production details
UK | ITV1 – Ecosse – Granada International – Ingenious Broadcasting – Irish Film Board – Octagon Films – WGBH Boston | 93 minutes | 2007

Director: Brian Kirk
Executive Producers: Robert Bernstein, Nicole Finnan
Producers: Michael Casey, Douglas Rae
Writer and Associate Producer: David Haig

Daniel Radcliffe as John Kipling
David Haig as Rudyard Kipling
Kim Cattrall as Caroline Kipling
Carey Mulligan as Elsie Kipling
Julian Wadham as King George V
Robbie Kay as Arthur Relph
John-Paul Macleod as Ralph
Bill Milner as Peter Carter
Michael McElhatton as Leo Amery MP