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My Brother Jonathan (BBC Drama, Daniel Day Lewis)



My Brother Jonathan BBC Daniel Day Lewis

Period drama serial My Brother Jonathan told the story of the relationship between two brothers in the Black Country in the early part of the 20th century, ungainly and hard done by eldest son Jonathan (Daniel Day Lewis) and the younger athletic, clever Harold (Benedict Taylor). Jonathan is determined to become a doctor, moving to a slum area of London when he first qualifies.

Cast: DANIEL DAY LEWIS as Jonathan Dakers; BENEDICT TAYLOR as Harold Dakers; HELEN RYAN as Laura Dakers; CAROLINE BLISS as Edie Martin; FREDERICK TREVES as Dr Hammond; TP McKENNA as Lloyd Moore; MICHAEL TROUGHTON as Arthur Martook; JOHN STONE as Dr Craig; TONY DOYLE as John Morse; MICHAEL LOUGHNAN as Dr Monaghan; ANTHONY ROWE as Mr Wilburn; SALLY WATKINS as Lily Rudge; BARBARA KELLERMAN as Rachel Hammond

Writer: James Andrew Hall / Novel: Francis Brett Young / Script Editor: Mervyn Haisman / Costume Design: Rita Reekie / Music: Stanley Myers / Design: Humphrey Jaegar / Producer: Joe Waters / Director: Anthony Garner

UK / BBC One / 5×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 28 August – 9 September 1985