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Australian TV

My Name’s Mcgooley, What’s Yours? (Channel 7 1967-1970 with Gordon Chater and Judi Farr)



Australia / ATN Channel 7  / 88×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1967-70

Writer and Producer: Ralph Peterson / Music: Tommy Tycho / Director: Ron Way

Sitcom. In the Sydney suburb of Balmain, young married’s Rita and Wally Stiller sometimes find it hard coping with the demands of Rita’s widowed father Dominic McGooley who they live with.

When Geoffrey Chater left the series in 1970 the title was changed to Rita and Wally but by that time the show was coming to a natural close anyway. Stewart Ginn won a Penguin in 1968 for best supporting talent for his role in the show.

GORDON CHATER as Dominic McGooley
JOHN MEILLON as Wally Stiller
JUDI FARR as Rita Stiller
STEWART GINN as Nancarrow