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My Wife And I (ITV Sitcom, Mai Zetterling, Rex Garner)



ITV Sitcom My Wife and I detailed domestic shenanigans in the life of Phyllis (Mai Zetterling) and David Finley (Rex Garner). The series was based on a US radio series.

Although not that well remembered these days Rex Garner was a popular TV actor of the era, he was also appearing in popular crime drama Shadow Squad at this time. Mai Zetterling was also well respected but usually appeared in dramatic roles. She later moved into directing with some success.

Cast: Mai Zetterling as Phyllis Finley; Rex Garner as David Finley; Joan Benham as The secretary

Writer: Pamela Craig / Producer: Michael Westmore / Director: Eric J. Croall

UK / ITV – Associated Rediffusion / 11×30 minute episodes / 30 June – 10 September 1958 Wednesdays at 8.00pm