Nathan Barley (Channel 4 2005, Nicholas Burns, Julian Barratt)

Nathan Barley is a Webmaster, guerrilla filmmaker, screenwriter and DJ. He reads Sugar Ape Magazine – his bible of cool. Dan Ashcroft writes for Sugar Ape. He’s considered astonishingly cool, but only by those he despises, like Nathan. Claire Ashcroft is Dan’s sister; a film-maker who despises novelty, trash, irony and gadgets.

Nathan, Dan and Claire are about to become spliced together in a three way split… Claire no longer listens to Dan – which is a shame since he’d be the best person to warn her about Nathan. Claire is right about Dan; Dan is right about Nathan: Nathan is just wrong. He’s an absolute tool.

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Described by his creator as a ‘meaningless strutting cadaver-in-waiting’, the character originated on Charlie Brooker’s TVGoHome – a website parodying television listings.

production details
UK | Channel 4 | 6×25 minutes | 2005

Creators: Christopher Morris, Charlie Brooker

Oliver Chris as
Nicholas Burns as
Ben Whishaw as Pingu
Stephen Mangan as Noel Fielding as
Ramon Tikaram as Julian Barratt as
Charlie Condou as
Mathew Horne as Nina Sosanya as
Rhys Thomas as
Richard Ayoade as Ned Smanks
Claire Keelan as
Spencer Brown as

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