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Nearly Departed (NBC 1989, Grant Pritchard, Caroline McWilliams)



Nearly Departed

In fantasy sitcom Nearly Departed Grant and Clare Pritchard are killed in a car crash, the pair return as ghosts to their family home and are put out when a new family, the Dooleys, move in. Grandpa Jack is the only one able to see the ghosts. This distinctly Topper-esque show did not fare at all well and was pulled after four of its six episodes.

Eric Idle as Grant Pritchard
Caroline McWilliams as Claire Pritchard
Stuart Pankin as Mike Dooley
Wendy Schaal as Liz Dooley
Jay Lambert as Derek Dooley
Henderson Forsythe as Grandpa Jack Garrett

crew details
Creators and Executive Producers: John Baskin, Roger Shulman
Producer: Jack Selfert

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: NBC – Lorimar – Baskin-Shulman
Duration: 6×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1989