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Never A Cross Word (ITV Sitcom, Paul Daneman, Nyree Dawn Porter)



Never A Cross Word ITV sitcom Paul Daneman Barbara Murray

In role reversal ITV Sitcom Never A Cross Word, suburban couple Ronald (Paul Daneman) and Deidre Baldock (Nyree Dawn Porter in the first season and then Barbara Murray) change places when she becomes the breadwinner while he stays at home.

In 1968 when the first season aired London Weekend Television, who made the show, had only just launched and were experimenting with sitcoms running for 45 minutes. When the second season aired in 1970 we were back down to 30 minutes running time and Nyree Dawn Porter had been replaced by Barbara Murray. The dynamic of the series changed somewhat too – the Baldocks had moved to a bigger house in Chelsea and Ronald had a decent job in advertising.

Guest stars were quite high profile too and included the likes of John Alderton, Roy Kinnear, Barry Fantoni, Kate O’Mara, Jack Watling, Bill Fraser, Hattie Jacques, Charlotte Mitchell, Lana Morris, June Whitfield, Vic Wise and Pauline Yates.

Episode one was shown on 10 August 1968 after an ITV dispute left a gap in the schedule. It was repeated when the series proper began on 27 Sep.

Cast: Paul Daneman as Ronald Baldock; Nyree Dawn Porter as Deirdre Baldock (Season 1); Barbara Murray as Deirdre Baldock (Season 2)

Writers: Donald Churchill (1968), Michael Pertwee and Jack Watling(1970) / Producers: Stuart Allen (Season 1), David Askey (Season 2)

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 6×45 minute episodes 7×30 minute episodes 10 August 1968 – 31 January 1970