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New Tricks (BBC 2003-2015 with James Bolam, Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman)



Crime drama series New Tricks took the Cold Case took it’s natural extreme by bringing out of retirement a group of ageing detectives to tackle vintage cases. The series began with a 90 minute pilot which saw Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman put in charge of a special new police unit dedicated to investigating unsolved murders – she is not overly pleased with her new squad though as they are made up of a trio of retired ex-tecss who have a very different 1970’s style attitude to policing. Ladies man Gerry Standing is only back because he need the cash to support his numerous ex-wifes, Brian Lane has a photographic memory when it comes to facts and figures and Jack Halford has never really been able to settle into retirement.

A nicely enjoyable series New Tricks became one of the BBC’s most popular and dependable shows over the course of almost a decade, the last few seasons saw too many cast changes however by 2015 it was clear the show had run it’s course.

There was a gap of almost a year between the broadcast of the pilot and the beginning of the series.

production details
AMANDA REDMAN as Sandra Pullman
DENNIS WATERMAN as Gerry Standing
JAMES BOLAM as Jack Halford
SUSAN JAMESON as Esther Lane
ANTHONY CALF as D.A.C. Strickland

Creator: Roy Mitchell
Theme Music: It’s Alright sung by Dennis Waterman

UK | BBC 1 – Wall To Wall | x50 minutes | Broadcast 27 March 2003 – 6 September 2015