Nichols (NBC 1971-1972, James Garner, Margot Kidder)

Period crime drama series Nichols told stories of a small town Sheriff in 1915 who patrolled his beat on a motorcycle and was more interested in making money than being a sheriff. Nichols had returned home after the first world to the home town that was named after his family.

Nichols is probably the least well remembered of James Garner’s TV shows. Especially as it only last the one season. Garner, once the cancellation for the series came in, took the unusual step of killing off Nichols. The final episode focused on his twin brother trying to avenge his death.
Rockford Files devotees may be interested to note the appearance of Stuart ‘Angel’ Margolin.

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production details
USA | NBC – Warner-Cherokee | 24×50 minutes | Broadcast 16 September 1971 – 16 May 1972

Creator: Frank Pierson
Producer: Meta Rosenberg

James Garner
Margot Kidder
John Beck
Stuart Margolin
Neva Patterson
Alice Ghostley
John Quade
M. Emmet Walsh
Richard Bull
Paul Hampton

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