Nine, The (ABC 2006, Tim Daly, Chi McBride)

The Nine is a complex character drama series that unravels the mystery of what transpired during a bank robbery turned 52-hour hostage situation in Los Angeles.

Chronological flashbacks of what happened inside the bank open each episode, but the heart of the series is how that harrowing experience impacts the key characters in their present day lives as they continue to intertwine, deepen and complicate the connections to one another.

Camille Guaty as Franny Rios
Chi McBride as Malcolm Jones
Dana Davis as Felicia Jones
Jessica Collins as Lizzie Miller
John Billingsley as Egan Foote
Kim Raver as Kathryn Hale
Lourdes Benedicto as Eva Rios
Owain Yeoman as Lucas Dalton
Scott Wolf as Jeremy Kates
Tim Daly as Nick Cavanaugh

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other cast info
Jeffrey Pierce as Randall
Kim Staunton as Naomi Jones
Michael O’Neill as Pete Burton
Susan Sullivan as Nancy Hale
Tom Verica as Ed Nielson

key behind the scenes crew
Alex Graves as Executive Producer/Director of pilot
Ethan Smith as Producer (Series)
Hank Steinberg as Creator/Executive Producer
Joy Gregory as Producer (Series)
K.J. Steinberg as Creator/Co-Executive Producer
Nicole Mirante as Co-Producer (Series)
Perry Husman as Producer
Ted Humphrey as Co-Producer (Series)
Tom Garrigus as Co-Executive Producer (Series)
Tom Szen Tgyorgyi as Co-Executive Producer (Series)

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show type

broadcast from
10/4/06 – 8/8/07
1 season of 13 episodes, four of which failed to air initially but were later seen on cable and streaming.

network and production companies
ABC – Sunset Road Productions – Warner Bros. Television

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